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Your Journey to Clear Skin

Face Reality products and in-clinic corrective treatments may be able to help control your acne. Depending on the severity, it typically takes 3-4 months to get clear. Many people see a noticeable difference in their acne within the first two months. The acne program is perfect for those who are looking for a skin transformation. Face Reality treatments and homecare show a 97% success rate when followed correctly.

Your First Visit

The first appointment to schedule is the Face Reality Consultation or the Consultation and First Treatment. During this appointment we will attempt to get down to the root cause of what's causing your acne. Our initial consultation will evaluate and discuss all possible acne triggers such as: hormones, digestive system, stress levels, diet, medications, cosmetics and lifestyle. We will also design a homecare and in-clinic treatment plan.  This plan must be followed strictly for best results, so please come fully committed to start on this journey. You will be coming in bi-weekly for treatments unless otherwise directed by your acne specialist. Everything will be customized and mapped out for you.

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