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Your Journey to
Healthy Lashes & Brows

Journey Skincare only uses lash and brow products that are completely free of ammonium thioglycolate. There is zero risk of damage to your hairs, in fact, these formulas promote strength, length and retention.


A Healthier Alternative to Lash Perming

Although our service is performed similar to the way a traditional lash lift is performed, there is a major difference in the formula being used. There are no harsh ingredients that have the ability to cause damage. You are left with longer, stronger lashes.

Restore Lash Health

Many guests have walked in seeking corrective work from lash lifts gone wrong with other providers as well as damage from long time wear of lash extensions. If this is your case, you can rest assured you will leave with noticeable results from just one session, with lashes totally restored over 3-4 sessions. 


Pair Your Lash Lift With a
Brow Transformation

A simple brow lamination and tint can go a long way in livening up your entire face and really making your eyes pop! Brow wax is always included at no cost!

Men Can Do It Too!

Whether it's brows or lashes, we can provide a natural touch to boost your confidence in as little as 45 minutes!

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